School continues online!

How can I continue to follow my lessons?

It is very easy. Read the instructions!

Go to the website  and enter your username and password.
If you don’t remember them, ask them to your scool. Write email to: SRMM07100L@ISTRUZIONE.IT






As soon as you entered the Register, at the top of the page, you can find:
-“Lessons in progress” with your teacher in videoconference

Please, install the app Google meet to partecipate to the videoconference with your smartphone:
– if you have Android, download by clicking here
– if you have iPhone, download by clicking here
– in your electronic register, click on “connect”, the App automatically opens
– click “ask to partecipate” to enter in the online class

Please, use just Chrome or Firefox to partcipate to the videoconference with computer:
-click on connect
-get to the lesson page
-click “ask to partecipate” to enter in the online class

-“Homework” you can do on your own

If your teachers have led lessons for you, find them in the Homework pages:
– click on the notifications to enter
– download the lesson and follow instructions for check task

– then, please, send it to your teachers: upload the check task by clicking ” choose the file”, upload and flag “task delivery”.