Education for adults and foreign sudents

Learn Italian free
You can attend to our free classes of basic and advanced Italian, in order to obtain long-term resident status, to continue your studies for middle and high school to the college, or simply to live and work better in Italy.

Finish your studies
You can subscribe to get the middle school graduation. We will evaluate your knowledge and skills and provide you with a personalized study plan. You will study more effectively, won’t spend time leaning things you already know.

Wanted to enroll to High School but applications are closed?
With us you are always on time! Subscribing to the CPIA classes reserved to those who successfully completed the middle school, you will take school subjects as italian, history, economy, math, science, english. These subjects will be acknowledged when you start High School, so you will be required to attend only the technical disciplines, in a less amount of time.

What happens if you move to another city?
No need to start over: CPIA is part of a national network of state schools. Before you go, ask us for your Certificate of Attendance and resume where you left off.